Every single day in this country, there are nearly 18,000 wrecks.

carcrashWhat happens to all of those cars? Of course, some are totally unusable or unsafe to drive and end up getting recycled for their parts or raw materials, but some haven’t really suffered much damage at all. Even if the car was hardly damaged, though, it can often simply be cheaper to the insurance company to give the owner the money they’re entitled to, and then take ownership of the car to sell to a dealer. Some of the cars are chopped up for parts, and some can be easily repaired.

A lot of these cars are simply recoveries from theft, and the owner of the car was already paid by the insurance company. There can be all sorts of reasons why an insurance company will label a vehicle as a “total loss.” We focus on the vehicles that have suffered very little (or no) damage and that are still very usable. If the car was subject to lots of damage and would have required a professional shop to fix it, we simply don’t sell it.

Our vision is to make these low-priced vehicles available to everyone using out connections in the insurance industry.

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